Mindfulness for Stress, Anxiety and Well-being

April 15th


Do you suffer from persistent pain, illness or any other conditions such as anxiety and depression, which has affected your mental and physical health? This evidence-based, transformative workshop will change your day to day life. 


LGBT Support Group


This support group is a safe and compassionate environment for you to discuss issues anywhere from questioning your sexuality, dealing with the consequences of coming our or struggling with relationship issues. 


Group Therapy for Schizophrenia


Group therapy is important for those suffering schizophrenia because it socializes and motivates them. It also becomes an important reference point for them: decreasing social isolation and increasing reality testing. It will focus on real-life pains, problems and relationships, on social and work roles and interaction. 


Group Therapy for Dementia


This is an information and support program for people living with early stage of dementia and their support person. This provides a unique opportunity to separate and discuss relevant issues for people living with dimension and their family member or friend. 


Support Group for Domestic Violence


This support group can help you process what you have been through and teaches you how to build new, healthy relationships. By connecting with others who survived a similar experience, you can get a sense of purpose and friendship. It can be the catalyst you need to kick start your life after traumatic stress. 


Grief Support Group


When you lose someone you love, the impact can be devastating. The world changes for those in grief. This is a warm and safe space to navigate your feelings of loss and bereavement. The support group offers you a unique opportunity to connect to others who have experienced a similar loss. It will help you recognize that you are not alone, and help you re-engage with others.