GoodKids @ The Mind Faculty

by The Mind Faculty

We are excited to welcome GoodKids to The Mind Faculty. GoodKids is a social enterprise that helps youth at risk using performing arts.

Our youth is often unmotivated by non-conducive learning environments, which focus on academic excellence and not on developing interpersonal skills. It’s hard to pay attention when learning is based on routine not interaction. 

GoodKids provides an alternative and interactive learning environment using a combination of Performing Arts and Counselling. Using a variety of creative techniques, GoodKids will help your kid learn in a fun and interactive way.

The learning approach combines several different techniques:

Introduction to Music helps to improve attention span and promote creativity.
Percussion and Body Percussion will improve coordination and team participation.
Emoting and Acting builds confidence and addresses anxiety.

Throughout the program, you will: 

- Develop creativity
- Discover strength and weaknesses that help character building
- Learn various coping mechanisms
- Demonstrate teamwork and leadership
- Develop good communication and interpersonal skills

GoodKids is geared towards individuals who are below 21 years of age. Aside from providing a new learning experience, it is especially suitable for: 

- Have a high level of anxiety
- Are hyperactive
- Are seeking treatment for bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and OCD
- Are seeking treatment for substance abuse
- Are seeking treatment for depression
- Want to improve their coping mechanisms
- Have problems working in a team or tolerating others

Spaces are limited. We want to keep each group small so that our facilitators can spend quality time with each individual and every voice can be heard. To register interest, please contact us: +603  6203 0359 /