Who We Are

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The Mind Faculty is a private mental health clinic that embraces an integrative approach to mental wellness. Whether you need talk therapy, medication, complimentary therapy or a combination of the three, you will find yourself in a healing and nurturing environment.We offer intensive and compassionate care that will end the cold waiting rooms of psychiatrist hospitals. There is full expectation that our clients will recover. We understand that every client is different, and we tailor our treatment plan to their needs in order to get better. 

Our Mission
To revolutionize the  landscape of mental health in Malaysia. 

Our Philosophy
We are dedicated to providing the highest quality individualized treatment for mental health in a caring and compassionate environment. We treat each patient with dignity and respect.

Our Team
Our team of practitioners and staff members is committed to excellence. We want to provide a caring and compassionate environment for you in which positive change can be realized.