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Clinical Hypnotherapy


Clinical Hypnotherapy helps you to access your subconscious mind through guided hypnosis, visualisation and relaxation techniques. Facilitated by a clinical hypnotherapist, it combines counselling and hypnosis to help you uncover and address any subconscious blockages that stand in the way of achieving your goal. 

What Is It?

What It Can Help With

Anxiety and Phobias

Hypnotherapy can help address anxiety and phobias by uncovering any subconscious blockages, and using relaxation techniques to deal with the physical symptoms. 

Sports Therapy

It can help you with your sporting performance through concentration and stress reduction. Guided visualisation exercises can help you to align with your goals. 


This easy to learn method is perfect for parents who want to help their children develop their emotional resilience and protect them against negative suggestions. 


This process creates a state of mind where you believe you have a surgical Gastric Band fitted without having to go through surgery and the painful side effects

Stop Smoking

It can help to identify your underlying reasons for smoking and resolve your smoking triggers and compulsions.

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