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Dr Nivashinie.jpeg

Adj Prof Dr Nivashinie Mohan

Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist/ Clinical Psychologist 


PhD (School of Medicine), Flinders’s University of South Australia 

Masters in Clinical Psychology,  University Kebangsaan Malaysia 

Honours Flinders University of South Australia 

Bachelors of psychology Australian National University  Australia 

Professional Afilliation 

President of the Society of Clinical Neuropsychology Malaysia 

Member of the Malaysian society of Clinical Psychology 

About Me

As a seasoned clinical neuropsychologist with over 12 years of dedicated practice, I bring expertise in assessing and diagnosing individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and a spectrum of neuropsychological disorders.

I specialize in administering comprehensive assessments tailored for diverse needs, including medico-legal cases to ascertain TBI severity for litigation, return-to-employment evaluations, and capacity assessments crucial for testamentary capacity in will writing and related legal contexts.


I also aid in the diagnosis and treatment of adolescent and adult ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma-related conditions, and depression. I utilize a range of standardized assessments and clinical interviews to uncover underlying cognitive and emotional factors, guiding personalized treatment plans and interventions.


My approach is characterized by a deep understanding of neurocognitive functioning and its impact on daily life, coupled with a compassionate demeanor that fosters trust and comfort in patients and their families.

 I speak English, Bahasa Malaysia and basic Tamil. 

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