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Art Therapy Ideas In Lockdown

by The Mind Faculty

In our recent Instagram Live with The Batik Boutique, our art psychotherapist Reena Clare spoke about how we can use art as therapy. Being in a lockdown means that many of us are spending more and more time at home. This means that we are looking at new ways to escape, to play or simply to pass the time. This is where art as therapy comes in.

Art can take many forms. It can be expressed through writing, painting or singing. It can also take the form of gardening, cooking or dancing. Art is being intentional about you do, and enjoying the process without being too attached to the outcome. Consequently, art has many therapeutic benefits.

Art for Emotional Regulation

During the lockdown, many of us struggle with difficult feelings such as sadness, frustration and anger. Art therapy can provide us a way to explore these emotions using our creativity.


  • Draw your feelings: what does sad look like to you? What does joy look like for you?

  • Create an emotional wheel and colour it in.

  • Draw a heart and fill it with different parts with the emotions your feeling now.

Art as Meditation

Art helps us to be present in the moment. Pay attention to the colours that you're choosing and notice what type of feelings come up. We like using a kit or a colouring book so that you can pay attention in the process and not worry about creating.


  • The Batik Boutique has a great kit that makes it easy for you to enjoy the process. All you ned is a cup of water and a kitchen towel.

  • Colour in a design using only colours that calm you.

  • Finger paint without worrying about lines or what you are trying to create.

Art for Self-Exploration

Our subconscious works in metaphors and imagery. Consequently, art therapy can give us an insight on how we think and feel about ourselves.


  • Put together a collage of images that represent you.

  • Draw yourself as a plant.

  • Write and illustrate a children's book about your day.

Art as Therapy

Our art psychotherapist Reena Clare helps clients to explore different issues in their lives using art. Art as therapy allows us to explore and befriend our inner emotional experience through visual images. Reena helps her clients to make inner change through the creative process: from becoming aware to the decisions they are making and helping them to find solutions.

The Mind Faculty is a private mental health clinic in Solaris Mont Kiara. We offer art therapy, as well as psychiatric, psychological and counselling services.

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