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Mental Health at University

As high school students, we may think of university as a period of freedom. Worryingly,

one in four university students will suffer from a mental health issue. Despite raising awareness of mental health issues, Malaysia students have higher levels of mental health problem and lower levels of self-compassion and resilience compared to university students in UK. Mental health at university can impact how we learn and also whether we finish their degrees, making this an important issue.

How university affects our mental health?

The transition from high school to university life brings its own challenges. The heavy workload and difficult classes can add to the stress of university life, compromising a student’s mental health. Furthermore, university students have to manage their changing environment and uncertainty about the future. This additional pressure and can lead to a range of mental health issues.

Another issue is that university students have a limited understanding of mental health issues, as well as a low awareness of mental health services that are available to them. This means that they do not reach out for help when they need to. Therefore, it is important to learn the signs that you may have a mental health issue at university.

Signs and Symptoms of Mental Health Issues at University

Anxiety, depression and stress are some of the most common mental health challenges that university students face. These symptoms may indicate that you may be suffering from a mental health issue:

  • Unable to concentrate in lectures.

  • Poor decision-making skills.

  • Finding it hard to connect with your university classmates or withdrawing from your friends.

  • Low motivation to attend classes or study.

  • Losing interest in the things you used to.

  • Struggling with your academic performance.

  • Feeling hopeless or helpless about life after university.

Supporting your Mental Health at University

If you have experienced one or more of these symptoms for more than 2 weeks, it is time for you to reach out for help. This does not mean that you are weak or that you are not trying hard enough. Mental health is as real as physical health.

We understand as a university student you may be struggling with financial difficulties. Therefore, we launched TMF Academy to make our high quality mental health services accessible to our community. A session starts at RM 120. We can help you to assess whether you have a mental health issue and teach you ways to manage and overcome it.

TMF Academy makes our high quality mental health services accessible to our community. All our associate practitioners are closely supervised by a senior practitioner from The Mind Faculty to ensure that you are receiving quality and compassionate care.

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