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Mindfulness Techniques to Help You Through the Pandemic

by The Mind Faculty

As the Movement Control Order eases, we reflect on the important lessons that we learnt during this period of isolation and anxiety. One of the most important lessons we learnt is that if we can't go outside, we can go inward.

Without the distraction of social obligations and errands, the MCO gave us time to learn how to cultivate mindfulness. This means gently connecting back to ourselves: being present in the moment, sitting with our physical and emotional sensations no matter how uncomfortable they are.

The Importance of Being Mindful

When we are present in the moment, we can start to identify the things that are important to us. When you're making a meal for your family, what emotions does it bring up? We can learn what brings us joy and meaning by observing how we feel in the present moment.

How to Connect With Ourselves


The breath can only exist in the moment. When we bring our attention back to our breath, we anchor our mind in the present. A great way to practice this is to set a reminder on your phone and schedule a 5-minute breath break during the day. Focus on your breathing for 5 minutes and notice what sensations or emotions arise.

Physical Sensations

Another way that we can connect to the present moment is with our physical senses. Most of us move through our daily routines while our minds are somewhere else. While washing the dishes, how many of us are wishing that we were doing something else, or having a hypothetical argument with our partner for not doing their share of the housework?

When we pay attention to the physical sensations, we bring ourselves back to the present moment. For example, what are things you can see when washing the dishes? What is the feeling of the soap between your fingers, what is the smell of the dish washing liquid?

Plenty of our restlessness and resistance comes from the mind. When we bring ourselves out of the mind and into the body, we can start to have a new experience.

For more ways to be mindful, listen to the full podcast here:

The Mind Faculty is a mental health therapy clinic in Kuala Lumpur. We offer a wide variety of services including psychiatric, psychological, counselling and mindfulness based therapy. We are offering face to face and online therapy sessions during the period.

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