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The Mind Faculty Presents Yoga Therapy

by The Mind Faculty

Mental health and physical health are inextricable from one another. Yoga therapy recognises and honours the mind-body connection. Guided by Sue Piti, an experienced psychotherapist and certified yoga teacher, the classes help you to address anxiety, depression and stress through an integrative yoga practise.

Yoga Therapy varies from traditional yoga that it is a mindfulness-based practice that integrates Vinyasa poses, with varying modifications to accommodate all participants. The goal is to release the tension from your deep connective tissues and circulate your energy around the body. The class will also concentrate on the poses that focus on reducing issues related to circulation, insomnia, thyroid problems, pain management, gastrointestinal issues and other balances in the body.

Aside from the physical benefits, yoga therapy has many mental health benefits that will benefit its participants:


There are physical forms of anxiety such as shallow breathing, rapid heartbeats and restlessness. By aligning your breath with movement, yoga can help to deepen your breathing, slow your heartbeats and wring out that extra energy; this can relieve the physical symptoms of anxiety and help to foster a calmer mind. Yoga therapy strengthens this mind-body connection, giving you practical tools and poses and help with anxiety.


Yoga therapy incorporates invigorating poses such as backbends, and hip and heart openers (depending on your skill level) to help you to release any trapped emotions in your body. It’s also energising, which will help to relieve the fatigue associated with depression.


With the demands of work and home, and the increasing expectation that we have to have it all, we put ourselves under more and more stress. Our body’s default mode slowly switches to ‘fight and flight’; we may find ourselves holding tension in your body and ourselves growing more irritable or lethargic. Yoga therapy helps us to switch to our parasympathetic nervous system or ‘rest and digest’ mode, allowing us to release any stress that we may subconsciously be holding on to.

Yoga therapy will be held on Tuesdays at 7 pm. Classes will start 11 February 2020. They will be limited to 8 participants a class. Please email to reserve a place.

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