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Work-Life Balance When You Work form Home

by The Mind Faculty

Malaysian employees report the worst work-life balance in the world, a situation that is only exacerbated by the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies have moved towards working from home: this arrangement adheres to the health and safety measures that the Malaysian government has put into place, as well as offering employees flexibility over their time.

However, many employees may feel the strain of balancing their home life and their professional life. Without touching base with their team mates everyday, or without any clear expectations about their working hours, employees can feel the additional pressure to spend more time online.

This can have a detrimental effect on mental health in the workplace.

How to Balance Work and Life

Here are strategies to establish a boundary between your work life and your home life:

Get Dressed

It may be tempting to work in your pyjamas but you need to draw the line between work and home. That line may be pants. You want to feel that you are working from home, not hanging out at home.

Set a Dedicated Workspace

Dedicate a space to work, preferably one with good lumbar support. Refrain from working in bed or on the couch. This can make it difficult to distinguish between when it is time to work and time to relax.

Set a Routine and Working Hours

Be strict with yourself. If you start work at 9 am, this does not mean that you wake up at 8.56 am and crawl to your computer. Give yourself enough time to get dressed, have a coffee and mentally prepare for the day ahead.


Set boundaries with your new colleagues (formerly known as your family). Let them know your working hours and that you should only be disturbed in an emergency. Remind that folding their laundry is not an emergency.

Take Breaks

When working from home, you may feel 'trapped' in the office. Take breaks during the working day and move your body to alleviate feelings of restlessness. Stretch at your desk, do a 15-minute online workout, open the window and enjoy the fresh air. Do not do household chores during your breaks.

Work-Life Balance on an Organisational Level

It is important that companies recognise the importance of work life balance for their employees. These boundaries are important to establish at a personal level and an organisational level. Companies can do this by establishing policies that support their employees' mental health such as clear start and ending times, providing employees with the proper training and technology to do their work at home, as well as embracing a company culture that priorities mental well-being.

The Mind Faculty offer corporate training that helps companies to support their employees' work life balance. Our services include employee assistance programs, corporate talks and workshops, and HR training and mentorship. Email us to find out more:

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