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Reena Clare

Art Psychotherapist


Reena has a Masters in Art Psychotherapy from the University of Hertfordshire. She is a qualified Art Psychotherapist and a certified practitioner  with Children's Accelerated Trauma Treatment. She has worked in London with various client including those living with mental health disorders, special needs, bereavement, dementia, addiction and physical health conditions in the NHS, Westminster Arts, Kids Company and The European Reminiscence Network. 

Art as Therapy 

Art helps us to connect with the complexity of the human experience that cannot be expressed just through words. 

- Jack Saul 

Art can help to articulate emotions and feelings that we do not know how to express or we are unaware of. Using symbols and colours, it helps us to break free of black and white thinking and capture the complex texture of our inner landscape. It gives us a safe space to process our trauma and gives us access to play. 

What to Expect in a Session

A typical art therapy session is responsive to your needs and goals. For example, if you wanted to address grief following the death of a loved one, the session would start with relaxing and exercising you creative muscles. Then, I will help you to examine the work produced using symbols and colour association to give you insight on how you are grieving and how this grief affects your body, your behaviour and your environment. Finally, I will guide you to discover solutions using different mediums to find ways to manage and overcome your grief.

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