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Treatment for Addiction

Addiction is an illness that requires medical and psychological treatment. It changes the physical make up of our body, requiring as much care and attention as someone with diabetes or hypertension.

We treat you rather than your addiction.


Treating The Individual

Our Approach

We have a bio-psycho-social approach to addiction that recognises the physical, psychological, relational and cultural factors that influence an individual's relationship with addiction. 

Bio refers to medication. The availability of anti-craving medication for substances like alcohol, amphetamines/methamphetamines and heroine can help clients to address the physical cravings and maintain abstinence as they work on changing their relationship to the substance. 

'Psycho' refers to psychotherapy and counselling aspect. We provide you with support and guidance, helping clients to identify any root causes of the addiction, build emotional resilience and better coping mechanisms to address it. 

'Social' means the relationships and the wider societal influences. We work with our clients to restore health to their relationship with their family and loved ones.

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