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Victor Goon

High Performance Life & Professional Coach
Business Leader


ICF Accredited Coach, Malaysia
Bachelor of Social Science, Curtin University, Australia
Postgraduate Diploma Business Administration, Curtin University, Australia

About Me

I am a high performance coach and I have achieved real breakthroughs with my clients who come from diverse cultural backgrounds and professions. I built a successful career as a sales & marketing professional and later led a multimillion ringgit company as its CEO. I started a company from scratch and developed it into a category leader in a few short years. I bring my commercial experience and my time-tested knowledge to my engagements with my clients and this helps to deliver successful outcomes.

My Coaching Techniques 

I believe Coaching is the best and most effective way to learn. It emphasises insight based learning instead of fear or facts to help my clients to find the answers within themselves. I do not provide solutions because there is no long term modification in either behaviour or thinking. My role as a coach is to provide a safe space that is charged with positive energy: an environment that allows my client to think, reflect and identify what is blocking them from taking that next crucial step.


I am a successful coach because I am curious and I genuinely want to help my client. I view myself an external disruptor and a sounding board, helping my clients to make sense of their stories in order to make a lasting, positive transformation in their personal and professional lives. 

My Interests

I am a father of two boys who are studying in the UK. I used to travel extensively but the closed borders have put an end to this obsession. I play tennis, torture my body at Pilates and read everything from Bertrand Russell to The Malay Mail. I take on Business Consultancy projects occasionally and mentor a handful of young business leaders.

I can speak English and Malay.

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