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Woo Sau Mun

Learning and Behavioural Specialist


MA in Special Needs, Nottingham University

About Me

I have worked over 20 years in educational and clinical settings and have helped parents and children with learning and behavioural difficulties that include Autism, ADHD and ODD. My experience includes working with families from many parts of the world such as Malaysia, India, China, Middle East and Europe.


Currently, my work focuses on helping children and adolescents, ages 5-16, with learning and attention issues, and behavioural difficulties. I provide intervention via Skype.


For parents as well as children, I aim to facilitate learning processes that increase understanding, build competence and improve behaviour. Most importantly, I believe positive relationship is key to successful learning.


My approach to intervention is an integration of the following:  


Education to provide an understanding of 

  • The interrelated factors that influence learning and behaviour

  • Learning and behavioural principles that increase potential for learning


Competence building in developing

  • Behaviour management skills

  • Self-regulation skills

  • Positive learning attitudes


Coaching and training parents as coaches in

  • Problem solving

  • Developing Executive Function skills

Parent Training


I am a certified teacher of the Incredible Years (IY) School Age Parent Training Program. This is an evidence-based intervention program for parents to address young children behaviour difficulties and to promote their social, emotional competence and learning.

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