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The Importance of Exercising During the Pandemic

by The Mind Faculty

Whether you are stretching on your yoga mat or sweating your way through a HIIT session, working out was one of the ways we kept sane during the Movement Control Order (MCO). As restrictions start to ease, the way we exercise may change. We may find ourselves going for a run around our neighbourhood instead of swarming back to the gym. We may purchase online memberships instead of renewing our physical ones. No matter how you decide to move your body (as long as you practice social distancing!), there are so many good reasons to exercise.

Feel Better

Working out has been proven to improve your immune system, which is particularly important even now. It will also boost your endorphins - the chemicals responsible for making you feeling good. And with all the uncertainty and stress of our current situation, we need all the help we can get!

Change Your Body, Change Your Mind

Our mindfulness practitioner, Mr Ko explained exercise can help us with our mental health due to the intrinsic connection between the body and the mind. Being cooped up indoors in such close proximity to our fridge may leave us feeling lethargic. Our muscles may be tight from the constant worrying. It's hard to fee relaxed if our body is tense. You can't change your mindset if you don't change how your body feels.

Listen to Mr Ko's episode on the importance of being present with your physical body during the pandemic:

Setting Routine

Those feeling anxious or depressed by the current situation may be experiencing low motivation or low energy levels. They may find it hard to get out of bed or find enjoyment in everyday things. By setting a work out routine, Dr Lim underlines that they can challenge their negative self-beliefs, one exercise routine at a time. It keeps your mind active and the endorphin rush will help to boost your mood.

Listen to Dr Lim's episode on how to address anxiety and depression during the pandemic.

If you are feeling overwhelmed during this period, please get in touch with a mental health practitioner. The Mind Faculty is a mental health therapy clinic in Solaris Mont Kiara. We are offering psychiatric, psychological and counselling services that are held face to face or online during this period.

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