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The Mind Faculty Podcast

Updated: May 8, 2020

by Jade Goh

The Mind Faculty podcast discusses the everyday challenges that we face in the context of mental health. Each season, I interview a different mental health expert about a specific topic.

Given the current state of the world, the first season will be about the coronavirus pandemic. With the lock down, I wanted to create a mental health resource for anyone feeling overwhelmed with the current state of the world.

In the first episode, I interview Dr Stephen Jambunthan – our medical director to talk about the psychological impact of the coronavirus.

With the pandemic, the threat is not only physical (the virus) but also psychological (our fear of the virus). We talk about what makes someone more vulnerable to the emotional trauma associated with the COVID-19: unsurprisingly, the pandemic will exacerbate any underlying psychological problems. However, there are some people will cope better.

We also speak about how we as a community can safeguard our mental health and the importance of psychological services.

If you enjoyed this, we will be releasing a new episode on Friday that discusses how we can practice mindfulness during the COVID-19 MCO and practical ways to achieve this.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, please contact us. We are offering face-to-face appointments and online therapy sessions during the COVID-19 MCO. Our services include psychiatric, psychological, counselling and complementary therapy services.

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