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TMF Podcast 202: Bonus Episode - Sex in Romantic Relationships

By The Mind Faculty

In this special bonus episode of Season 2, I talk to Sharan Kaur about the importance of sex for our mental health, and the misconceptions about sex that may be affecting the your sexual pleasure.

We also discuss the topics that will be covered in our Let's Get Intimate workshop.

This is a workshop designed for adult women who want to understand and improve their sexuality in a fun, informative and respectful way. It is perfect for women wanting to improve their sex life. It is also helpful for women experiencing low libido, pain during sex and sexual dysfunction.

This 1.5 hour workshop explores the physical and emotional side of women's sexual experiences in a judgement free zone. Learn how to prioritise your safety, comfort and pleasure with our relationship counsellor Sharan Kaur. To book a place, please email

The Mind Faculty is a private mental health clinic in Solaris Mont Kiara that offers psychiatric, psychological and counselling services. We also offer couples and sex therapy whether you are single or in a relationship.

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