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Sharan Kaur


Masters in Counselling

University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

LLBUniversity of London

License/ Professional Membership

Family and Relationship Counselling - 

Australian College of Applied Psychology

Pre-Marriage Certified Trainer - LPPKN

Prepare-Enrich Accreditation Training

Professional Member of the Australian Counselling Association, Australia

Registered Counsellor - Counsellor Act of Malaysia


As a general practitioner, I work with adults from all walks of life. I help clients cope with anxiety, depression and all stress-related issues. My area of interest is in relationship therapy, where my focus is on building and improving the quality of all relationships: from couples and the LGBTQA community to parent-child relationship and family systems.


Individual Counselling


I adopt a person-centred approach, focusing on the idea of true self-acceptance. This includes the identifying and recognizing any behaviours, thoughts and emotions that require some modification, and working together to align these behaviours, thoughts and emotions with the client’s goals. I incorporate different modalities into my practice including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), mindfulness and emotional-based therapy.

Relationship & Marriage Counselling


Throughout my career, I have found marital discord to be one of the main underlying issues for emotional disorders, which is why I had paid special attention to this area.


Relationship therapy requires a more eclectic approach, and I balance the needs of the individual and the relationship, working closely with the people involved to define and achieve their goals. I provide a mirror to help couples to identify the patterns in the relationship – such as communication or empowerment issues - as well as the potential and direction for change in the relationship. The goal is to establish a positive improvement in the quality of the relationship.




I truly believe that the level of success of any form of therapy lies in the rapport that is developed between the practitioner and the client. I build this rapport taking into consideration the different personalities, and providing a sense of security and complete non-judgmental empathy.




My opening question is always “How can I help you?”, thus allowing the client to express anything and everything that prompted him/her to seek support.  This gives me an insight of which direction to take in establishing a support plan. By the end of the session, the client will have clear understanding of what needs to be done and the process can begin.




After practicing more than 20 years in the field, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on. I have also raised a family for almost 30 years, and the joys and the challenges that I have experienced give my practice a warmth and depth.


I speak English and Malay fluently. I am also able to understand Hindi/Punjabi.

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